"intellectual property"/virtual cash

schoolbus (djelliot@mail.wiscnet.net)
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 15:35:46 -0600

Hey there,
found something that might be of interest to anyone that has an
interest in promoting a digital cash "underground". There's a page
called Nella, and the "Global Village Bank" which work together. It's
an idea whose time has come, I believe. Here's the deal.

Say I like to design web pages. Now, I'd like to have someone hmm...
Make a midi file for me or something. Well, I list myself as a business
in the listing the company has on their page. Then, someone can hire me
for my services of designing a web page for them. They'll pay me with
"nella", a virtual currency which is not related to anything in the real
world. This nella goes into my GVB account. Then, when I have enough
nella, I can go to someone who can do midi, and hire them for their
services. Anything that can be transported digitally through the net is
sellable with Nella. no physical property can be sold. The page isn't
going to get started until 1000 "businesses" have registered. I really
want to see a day a real virtual cash system happens, without being
bogged down in the economics of the real world.(I don't know if that's
truly feasible, but hey, one can dream, eh?) Check it out, and see what
you think... Maybe we can even do projects as a team or something?
Whatever works. Anyways, here's the URL...