Re: ART/NEURAL NETS Creativity

Tony Csoka (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 01:09:30 -0800 (PST)

RavnStCrow wrote:

Meantime, i am spurred to once again look at the role emotions ( another

I don't think emotions are an artifact. Rather, I think they are an
evolving aspect of (trans)human intelligence. Also, they can be, and
often are, the driving force behind science and art. I think if one looks
at the evolutionary tree it becomes apparent that the ability of a species
to experience emotion is directly correlated with its intelligence. For
example bacteria and plants don't experience any emotions, and probably
neither do worms, insects etc.
Dogs and cats, on the other hand, at least in my experience, have the
capacity for primitive emotions such as fear and jealousy. I propose that
Primates, elephants, dolphins etc. may experience the rudiments of love,
friendship etc. but I don't have any evidence for that. The multitude of
emotions that are experienced by humans could be refined and evolved
(per)mutations of the basic emotions that I have mentioned. For example a
sense of awe or wonder (possibly one of the latest emotions to evolve)
could have combined elements of curiosity, love, admiration and a little

Well, its an idea anyway.

Tony Csoka