Future Fantastic Episode: Space Exploration

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 00:33:37 -0800

I found this episode quite entertaining but they didn't meantion anything
about the lightsails riding solar wind or wormhole transportation except in
the last show regarding transportation itself. Also at the very end they
meantioned about some sort of algae living in antarctica as the likely
first candidate to live on Mars but they didn't go very indepth AT ALL!!
PLEASE tell me more information than I'd ever want to know about that
species of algae and what they have planned for it! Also I got a kick out
of what they said after the show during the credits telling you 'whats
next'. They said "If you're dreaming of the perfect home where every atom
is arranged perfectly and tastefully... you need help. In the meantime look
for helpful tips on our home show." hehe. Terraforming Mars is something
I've ALWAYS dreamed of seeing. So fill me in with more details on that
algae! Also I'm looking forward to seeing that episode on 'Immortality'
tomorrow nite and I'm wondering if thats the episode showing the
Extropians. Is it?

"Risk: You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

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