Re: Albanian situations/irrational political systems.

J. de Lyser (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 02:22:42 +0100

Eric Watt Forste
>Revolution (civil war) in Albania, because of a Pyramid system!

>Pyramid schemes are usually considered fraud, not trade. Fraud is not
>a distinguishing feature of capitalism, since it is just as common (if
>not more so) under noncapitalistic systems. Free trade is the
>distinguishing trait of capitalism.

Lee Daniel Crocker.
>Your only
>detail here is to describe something as a "Pyramid system", which is
>not the least bit capitalist. Fraud is a crime in a free market.

Ho wait, i didn't mean to say fraud was inherent to capitalist systems. But
isn't relying on companies who commit fraud today on a daily basis, to
protect you from fraud when payed, a little naive ?

The main concern i still have with a complete free market, stateless system
is social stability, which i believe is just as important for a growing
economy as a free market. Just thought a current example migth give more
insight in these matters. Guess it was a little too controversial ? ;-)

Joost de Lyser