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Gregory Houston (
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 00:44:10 -0600

my inner geek wrote:

> The next step is to make the physical medium completely transparent,
> so I don't care if the content is being delivered from DVD, video
> server, or thumbnail sized nano-archive of *ALL* pre-recorded media.
> The point is, the media content should have some kind of unique
> identifier, and the *medium* should be of no concern.

There are several articles touching on this subject at:

The article, "Media Banks: Entertainment and the Internet" is
specifically on this subject. All of these articles are from the IBM
Systems Journal Vol. 35, Nos. 3&4, 1996. This is the MIT Media Lab

It looks like IBM is putting every one of their journal articles online.
They are well worth reading.


Gregory Houston