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Tue, 4 Mar 1997 10:01:28 +0100

> From: my inner geek

> The beauty of DVD is time-coding. If you tell me to check out a
> segment of a movie (or song), you need only provide the byte range
> (sample range, time code range), and what *you* are referring to is
> what *I* will see, given that I have access to the content.

The Byterange scheme won't work in a hypermedia enviroment because the
media is so easily edited. There got to be some kind of TAG in the actual
text for any "include" system to work.

something like:
<QUOTE Name=Shortquote QuotedBy="http://name.domain/document.html">This is
what i wanna quote!!</QUOTE>

Unfortunately this means that the original sourcetekst has to be changed by
other people. That's probably a job for the server to do automatically. But
you would at least know who has quoted your tekst somewhere. Also the sites
quoting you could be made aware of any changes in the quotes, or removal of
the page alltogether.

You could then include the quote in your own documents with a tag like:


For it all to work there would have to be some kind of coorporation between
the HTML editor and the server. (You wouldn't be able to edit offline.) The
include tag could also be used to include whole documents without any
change in syntax.

It's a simple system but it should work.

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