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Wed, 12 Feb 1997 09:24:37 -0700 (MST)

At 08:28 PM 2/11/97 -0500, cyberedward@ICDC.COM wrote:

>Extropians, I think that Extropian memes are not well known in the
>general populace. It takes some time to explain extropy, the
>singularity, cryonics etc.=20

Explaining extropy by using the Singularity as a reference could have
resulted in the SF responses you received. The same could have been true by
using cryonics.

Explaining extropy by using its philosophical implications and its
relationship to each individual could prove to be more of an eye-opener to
individuals who cannot grok the more far-sighted ideas of extropy. The
definition of extropy is clear.

> I tried to spread some Extropian memes
>amongst a very Earth-centered electronic mailing list dedicated to the
>American writer Edward Abbey who wrote books such as the MONKEY WRENCH
>GANG which inspired environmental activist groups.

Dealing with environmental activists can be tricky, but not impossible. I
view it as a challenge. Before I became an extropian, although a
transhuman, indeed, I was an elected official for the Green Party (Council
person for the 27th senatorial district here in LA) I learned a bit about
the inside-thinking of environmentalists. Although I did not make a dent in
the overall thinking of this environmentalist contingency, I did wake up a
few folks to the future. An extropian can appropriately debate an
environmental point with solid and resourceful information. It just takes a
bit of ingenuity. Greg Burch has some valid information on his Web site that
can be helpful.=20

>I got a mixture of responses. Some expressed interest in Extropian
>memes. Others gave responses such as: "the Extropians have only one
>ideal: self-preservation , not very lofty".

I'm assuming this is the cryonics associations. No, its not our only ideal,
simply one of them. Take it as a challenge and back it up with quotes from
Max in his debate on the HotWired series.

>Others view the Extropians
>as "cyber bionic wanna bes" who dream of living out some sci-fi related
>crap in an alternative future life".=20

Here is a great lead-in to bring up the most ardent advances in
biotechnology and how it manifests in everyone's life.=20

A proactive way of dealing with slurs of speech intended to provoke and
coming from a place of ignorance is to suggest reading material to your
opponent and back it up with accessible quotes from extropians who have been
published and who have a way with words.

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