Explaining Extropy to mundanes

Tue, 11 Feb 1997 20:28:20 -0500

Extropians, I think that Extropian memes are not well known in the
general populace. It takes some time to explain extropy, the
singularity, cryonics etc. I tried to spread some Extropian memes
amongst a very Earth-centered electronic mailing list dedicated to the
American writer Edward Abbey who wrote books such as the MONKEY WRENCH
GANG which inspired environmental activist groups.

I got a mixture of responses. Some expressed interest in Extropian
memes. Others gave responses such as: "the Extropians have only one
ideal: self-preservation , not very lofty". Others view the Extropians
as "cyber bionic wanna bes" who dream of living out some sci-fi related
crap in an alternative future life". These mundanes think
locally and not galactically.

report from the mundane world by
Cyber Ed