Re: Eurocracy (was Re: Immortality and Resources)

Max M (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 10:46:08 +0100

> From: Anders Sandberg

> The EEC and the potential EU seem to be a quite fascinating area to apply
> memetic thinking to; judging from the current tendencies the
> levels are developing a very different reality-tunnel from the national
> levels, which in turn are developing their own, and so on.

The EU is an example of a good idea gone sour. It's being so badly
implemented, that on can only laugh of the stupid regulations that are
coming out of there.
It's probably stemming from the fact that too many socialists are involved
in the process. There's far to much regulation going on, being pressed from
the top down.
Here in Denmark we recently voted no to be a part of the new EU (with a
margin of something like 2%), but the politicians changed a comma or two
and went for another vote. This time the country bend over and obeyed
because of scare tactics from the government.
Nobody i know ho voted for EU did it because they thought it was a good
idea, but because the felt they had to as responible persons. Hardly anyone
actually likes EU. Hey this is Europe, we've been fighting allways. Why
should we suddenly love each other?

> We might be
> looking forward to an Europe with several incompatible reality models
> actively interfering in each other, each strongly supported by different
> memetic evolutionary pressures. Very fun, if you have a sense of
> Kafkaesque humor.

Well learn to get a sense of Kafkaesque humor if this goes on for much

> Something I think we european transhumanists should think seriously about

> is how we are going to deal with this. Eurosclerosis is a real danger to
> us (just look at the european computer industry, or rather the lack of
> it.

I think that the best we can do is to spread the Transhuman idea, and then
let people find out for themself why the EU is a bad idea.

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