whoops (re: Re: Extropian Companies/etc)

Mitchell Porter (mitch@thehub.com.au)
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 11:51:59 +1000 (EST)

Now it's my turn to send "private" e-mail to the list... That was for
Mike Cowar.


By way of penance, I really ought to add some content to this message...
Let's see... Yahoo's Technology News section says "NEC Develops World's
First Four-Gigabit DRAM Chip" ("four times the size of a thumb nail...
`It can store the complete works of William Shakespeare 64 times
over,' NEC vice president Hajime Sasaki told a news conference...
NEC aims to send out sample shipments by 2000")... "Top Stories" says
"Progress Seen Toward Parkinson's Gene Therapy" ("`The exciting part of
this finding is that we know you can put the gene into the right part
of the brain and get GDNF secreted continuously at low levels'..." -
reminiscent of Bruce Sterling's story "Our Neural Chernobyl", where
gene-hackers modify HIV to produce a nerve-growth factor, and
experience an Algernon-like process)... and for _Snow Crash_ fans,
"U.S. Says Drug Smugglers Tried to Buy Sub" ("The owner of a Miami strip
club has been charged with acting as a middleman for Colombia drug gangs
trying to buy a Russian nuclear-powered submarine").