Re: Faster than Light

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 20:06:22 -0500

John K Clark wrote:
> >demonstrate that performing a *particlar* measurement can influence
> >the outcome of another measurement performed on the other side of
> >the galaxy.
> This is true, and it can do it instantly.
> >There are various reasons why you can't use Bell to transmit
> >information
> Also true. If I want to send a message to a receiver 2 things must happen:
> 1) I must change something in the receiver.
> 2) The receiver must be able to compare that change with something, such as
> the voltage on a wire now compared to what it was a nanosecond ago.
> Quantum Mechanics can do #1 but not #2 , so I have just changed one "random"
> state in the receiver to another. The results are not really random but it
> would sure look that way to the receiver. It's only when the receiver
> compared his results with the records of what I did, and that can only be
> done at the speed of light or less, would it become obvious that what I did
> instantly changed what happened in the distant receiver.

But what if you start out by transmitting some sort of "Rosetta Stone"
type code set ahead of time via STL radio, such that as the wave front
of the signal passes radio capable worlds who receive the signal, they
have some sort of decryption apparatus that can then decipher the
"random" FTL signal as it is transmitted from its source?


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