Re: ECON: What Jim Legg doesn't understand

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 19:29:20 -0500

Jim Legg wrote:
> > Mlorrey:
> > #1 I haven't heard you state any reasonable alternatives to price
> > signals.
> >
> > Transactionally complete intrinsic quantity/quality assessments in EVERYONE'S deficit accounting systems will do the trick.
> >
> All you are doing here is making a long, hopefully to you,
> incomprehensible to others, rephrasing of what is commonly known as a
> price signal!!!
> There is as much difference between what a positive-sum 'open quantity' based system offers over one which is zero sum 'price' based as there is between a balance forward and an open item accounting system. For that matter look at the benefits of being on-line and interactive as opposed to being in batch mode. Sure the results can be similar but the structure is very different.

they have nothing in common.

> For a market to lose confidence, it must be ignorant, lack information,
> on the data they need to make the decisions that send price signals in
> return. A quick collapse is simply a break in the constant flow of price
> signals, which can be caused by many things, a loss of confidence being
> merely one of them. AFAIAC, it ain't broke, so don't try to fix it. If
> it needs fixing, the past few decades have shown that, with
> communication, the market can learn how to fix or evolve itself.
> Your obviously not a systems engineer. Remember the joke: If it ain't broke it doesn't have enough features yet. For example, your mail reader can't wrap-long lines (maybe Netscape 4.0 beta 1) therefore the problem must be in my Microsoft Outlook 97 mail sender. Pass the buck - problem solved :)

problem solved: You are using an MS product dumped on the market while
still highly faulty. Its funny how you don't listen to your own tripe.
You bought product from the biggest market manipulator around, product
that is faulty, but you go around insisting everyone else is wrong....
ha ha ha. Shows what you get for not following the price signals in the

> The Russian experiment is a fine example of people attemting to ignore
> true reality, and paper it over with legislation of their own self
> deceptions. The fact that it has failed while the capital based system
> that has been evolving for several thousand years is stronger than ever
> is evidence that trying to ignore that history of development is simply
> self deception, self feigning...
> Are you saying that the Russian example was not the result of interference by international bankers and that it evolved without the express experimentation of the capitalist Hegelian puppet masters? Do you want me to name them?

If the russians had actually LISTENED to the so called 'capitalist
puppet masters' when they told them that printing money that they did
not have the assets to back was a road to chaos, they would not be in
the shithole they are in now.

> WIth cyber cash, and hyper privacy, unless some body capable of
> influencing money markets is able to accurately read price signals, and
> I don't advocate privacy of any kind. If my entire database, warts and all, were available on the Internet, that would be so much the better. Have we now got to the crux of the matter?

Well, now, we see the "Big gaping hole" in your plan. The reason why
capitalism has succeeded for so long and ideas like communism failed, is
because capitalism works WITH human nature, while communism and I
suspect your idea, from what you've just said, stive against human
nature. Any engineer knows you get much better headway when you go with
the flow...

> practical. The faild russian experiment is a prime example of what you
> get when you try to turn the existing system on its head too quickly.
> Because you quote the inadequacy of early Russian information systems does this mean that you will never investigate a better system than 'price'?.

You have yet to demonstrate anything better than price. Talk is cheap.
Prove your idea is better first. I'm telling you the same thing half of
the people on this list told me regarding my drive system I'm

Legg: Btw, what sort of old email reader are you using that can't wrap
long lines?
I am using Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0. It works just fine. IF you are
using a newer one, it is probably indicative of a bug in your new system
than a fault in mine. Of course, it may also be another indication of
Microsoft's typical attitude of making other people's stuff annoying to
use with their stuff. I haven't used Outlook yet, but I have used
Exchange, and my recent experience with Front Page tells me that while
MS may add some nice new features, they typically overlook some major
flaws. For example, while its cool to be able to put tables within
tables in Front Page, it is extremely annoying to not be able to add
rows or columns onto an existing table, or to delete the last cell of a
table that is not needed. Exchange does not allow one to be able to use
a image file attached to an email message generated in Netscape.
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