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cyberedward@ICDC.COM wrote:
> Dear Ed Regis, I enjoyed reading your article on Julian Simon in the
> Feb 1997 edition of WIRED magazine. I don't agree with Julian Simons
> ideas. I visited his Homepage and have an idea of where he is coming
> from as he labels the environmental movement a fraud by con artists.
> Julian Simon's perpective is anthropocentric, he really does not care
> for anything else in the biological community. P
> Valuable farm land is being paved over. I think Mr. Simon would like
> to lull Americans into a comfortable indifference on these issues so
> that environmental regulations can be reduced or eliminated. One not
> convinced. Cyber Ed
Con artists are on both sides, but while many of the cons on the right
are of a self deceptive nature, the ones on the left are ludicrous:

1)a toxic waste recycling plant in CA was shut down by the EPA because
they violated EPA regs that state that toxic waste cannot be recycled,
that it must be stored in 55 gallon drums.

2)fast food stores gave up using styrofoam because the EPA would not let
them recycle the containers (made of 100% recyclable polystyrene)
because the styrofoam had once (GASP!!!) touched food!!!! Now they use
specially made containers that are not recyclable at all due to their
composite structure of paper, waxes, and plastic, but are using up many
old growth trees in the process.

3) the new head of the Sierra Club is advocating that the Glen Canyon
Dam be torn down, to rebuild the previous ecosystem, even though any
indigenous species exclusive to the original habitat are now extinct.
Doing so would cause the already high power rates, and regional power
deficits of the southwest to skyrocket, and mandate the building of
fossil fuel power sources, which will contribute even more to the
effects of global warming. Of course one wonders if maybe they are doing
it on purpose....

These are just a few, and, should people start shouting about ad
homenim, blah blah blah, I could do more research and come up with more,
as they do exist, of the completely insane things environmentalists do.

I have found that many if not most environmentalist groups are in
existence simply to raise funds by appearing to advocate rules and
regulations that have an initial apparent purpose of making somebody
else clean something up. They also typically wind up causing even more
environmental damage across the board than they prevented (just look at
the anti-nuke movement, which was incidentally funded by fossil fuel


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