Re: Universal non-point of light

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 16:30:23 -0500

Mike Cowar. wrote:
> I have been led to believe:
> from the perspective of a being at the speed of light
> there is no spacetime.
> I interpret that as meaning
> the universe is a single point of light that does not exist.
> Correct me if you can.

What it means is that since time stands absolutely still at light speed,
from the perspecive of a photon, it exists in every point in the
universe at the same time, and it only has one temporal quanta "unit" of
existence (if that is the way you perceive the universe to be, as being
a stop action movie) from the time of its creation to the time of its
absorption (which are the same). From this, we can see that it becomes
possible to communicate at faster than light speeds. Using a reference
light source, at point C, individuals at points A and B can communicate
by using devices that only have a 50% chance of receiving a photon at
any given moment. Like the classic cat experiment, by using binary 1s
and 0s to selectively observe and not observe the reference source of
photons, we selectively collapse and fail to collapse the wave function.

The recent demonstration of a quantum sensor (the bipolarized laser
experiment) shows that reading the output of a transmitter on a
reference point without influenceing the "transmission" is possible.

back to your question, the universe does exist, but to a photon, all
points are experienced at the same time, kind of like the Improbablility
Drive the Doug Adams used in his Hitchhiker's Guide non-Trilogy.


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