Re: Wireless Electricity -- Bunk? ( Nope!

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 16:14:31 -0500

Paul Dietz wrote:
> > Anyone who has studied the HARP program knows that this sort of scheme
> > works. HARP will be useful not only as a communications and remote
> > sensing device, but could be used in higher power versions to control or
> > change the weather, or even be used to transmit power as needed.
> HAARP (spell the acronym correctly) uses microwaves to
> heat the ionosphere. Your foaming at the mouth about its uses has
> only the vaguest connection to reality. It has nothing to do with
> efficient transmission of power by low frequency waves (indeed,
> any ELF it produces by heating of the ionosphere will be nine orders
> of magnitude weaker than earth's background ELF.) It cannot modify
> or control the weather; it can barely affect a limited region of the
> ionosphere (with effects much weaker than natural variability there.)
According to what I've read, HAARP would create "lenses" in the
ionosphere, which would concentrate solar flux to a small extent, but
enough to influence small weather patterns, and given that the weather
is a chaotic system a small tweak here and there is all that is needed
to have at least a minimally noticable level of control over the entire
weather system. This has been the subject of papers by people involved
in the HAARP project, from what I've read in the science press.

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