Jennifer and Lyle morph into Newton, become cantakerous old farts

Lyle Burkhead (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 19:49:26 -0500 (EST)

QueeneMUSE writes,

>you think MATH makes you mean?
>Or even math was what made Newton mean?

Maybe I was born mean. Anyway I've found that it is possible
to be mean and have fun too. I wasn't kidding about Leslie. But we
don't need to go into that.

>Follow that thread, and you end up here: he was also Christian,
> and wrote endless reams of nonsense, would THAT have happened
> to her too?

Who the hell are you to say that *anything* Newton wrote was
nonsense? You are talking about NEWTON, damn it. Pay your dues
first, before mentioning his name. It amazes me, what Extropians say
about Newton. "Just think what he would have accomplished, if only
he hadn't wasted his time on all that mystical stuff... " As if the
greatest of all scientists needed a bunch of pip-squeak atheists
to tell him how to spend his time. Christianity and alchemy gave him
the dynamic ontology he needed to do what he did.

Joy Williams writes,

> All gender issues aside it sounds like you are saying that to be a
> Mathemetician means you have to have poor performance in bed.
> Are you a mathemitician? Are women complaining? ;)

I gave up math years ago. Mathematics is still part of what I do,
but a minor part. My alchemical tranformation is taking a different
path now, and I am sexier than I used to be, more comfortable with
women, and happier. (Meanwhile, however, age has taken its toll.
45-minute erections are a thing of the past. But there are other ways
to be sexy.)

> You seem to assume that we are incapable of multi-tasking.
> And that a woman can't be sexual and sensual and intelligent.

Jen was intelligent. That's part of who she was. If she had been just
another dumb blonde, she wouldn't have been Jennifer. She could have
been *more* intelligent if she had pushed herself harder, but, as I
keep insisting, there would have been a tradeoff. You can't be both a
Sumo wrestler and a ballet dancer. You can't be both a bear and a
hummingbird. Maybe the New Extropian Woman, with her multi-
tasking operating system, can chew gum and whistle at the same time,
but I doubt it.

BTW, Joy, I read your web page and noticed that your husband is
Tom Williams. I wonder if this is the same Tom Williams I knew at the
Free U in 1968 - 70. As I recall he was into building home power
systems to get off the grid. Wouldn't surprise me to find him married
to a goddess in the Santa Cruz mountains.