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Hello -

We are looking for a full-time researcher in AI and Computer Science and wondered if you might get this ad out to your contacts. We would be very appreciative of your assistance.

Susan Troccolo for the Advanced Technology Center of Lockheed Martin

The Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence Center of Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Company in Palo Alto is seeking a full-time Research Scientist experienced in AI design and intelligent software systems. We are a well-established research group in an excellent location adjacent to Stanford University and offering employment for talented and proactive researchers who flourish in an entrepreneurial enviornment.

SCOPE OF WORK: Current projects involve applications of Intelligent Information of Integration (I3) to logistics, engineering design and battlefield awareness. The ideal candidate will have some experience with I3 concepts. (See http:///yorktown.dc.isx.com/iso/battle/i3.html for more information about DARPA's I3 program.

EDUCATION REQUIRED: Ph.D, MS or BS in Computer Science or related field. Proven industry or academic experience in AI and the design and development of intelligent software systems.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: We are looking for an individual with a strong interest in AI, excellent communication and writing skills, C/C++ and Lisp programming skills. Desired qualifications include: an individual known to and familiar with DARPA, Java programming experience, and project management experience.

PLEASE NOTE: This position requires US citizenship or permanent residency status. Please state your current status in your cover letter.

HOW TO CONTACT US: For immediate consideration, fax or email your resume to my attention, noting any pertinent information and the best time and place to contact you. PLEASE REFERENCE THE POSITION NUMBER. We will review your background and contact you to discuss the position. Thank you!

Send your resume via Email: Susan Troccolo Auguri@ix.netcom.com (ASCII, or Word for Windows) or FAX on high res. to: (503) 203-5905