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I recall an article from probably the National Geographic or perhaps the
Scientific American in the early eighties concerning a formula that
predicted a 175% chance of intelligent life per galaxy. The man's name I
can only recall as a Da...??*. This formula had about 12 factors and
possibly factor 6 was bipedalism. I recall bipedalism was suggested as
being due to sexual attraction caused by the face-to-face sex position, the
purpose of which was selection, longevity and the need for future planning.

Does anyone recall the man's name?


In 1991, I saw the movie "The Lawnmowerman" and a TV program about a
gorilla named Coco (?) who had been taught sufficient language for it to be
suggested that her consent was required for a surgical procedure. These
shows prompted me to wondered about baldness and about the following
admittedly far-fetched evolutionary intervention scenario:-

1) Take a new-born, intelligent and domesticated hairy animal with an
enormous sense, say smell, and disable 90% of these sensory pathways.
2) Assume that its brain's plasticity might reuse that spare 90%, plus
other hirsuitly deprived brain areas, if given intense language training.
a) Incubate the new born in a hairy cybersuit fitted with natural plus VR
ports and let it suckle a pseudo-mother in quasi-virtual reality where the
'parents' are mostly cyber puppets.
b) These "ego-self-identified-pseudo-parents" attempt to teach the new
born a 'language' and upon puberty large numbers of such animals are
virtually and actually mated to produce offspring which are handled in like
3) Assume the cyber-parenting takes hold with each new generation gaining
more 'word' power from more natural and less puppet parenting with each
generation never leaving the quasi-virtual reality.
4) Assume the parasitic language meme successfully competes for brain space
or that the natural parents remember to perform the 'circumcision' of the

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