Perception of Reality? Boundry of self? (Was: Reality)

Mike Cowar. (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 02:47:43 -0500

This might require an extremly open mind.

I feel because my brain thinks I feel and not because my "body" feels it.

1)Close your eyes.
2)Extend your arms.
3)Scratch your palm for a bit.

Your hand is not feeling that.
Your brain is.

Think about that for a minute, I'll wait...

Why does my brain think I have I body when all I feel is in my brain?

If I considered my body a part of my brain I could understand feeling my body;
but then if all I feel is within the boundry of my body,
why do I think my body is on Earth;
unless the earth is a part of my body;
and if all the things I thought were outside of my body
are really a part of my body,
I must be the universe.

I am the whole of my reality.

I once asked,"What is reality?".
To which some one replied,"What are you?".

I think it is strange of me to think of something that abstract
with such perfect timing.