Toasting The Artists...

E. Shaun Russell (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 19:25:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi all!

I'm holding my virtual wine glass high in the air in a toast to the
PopExtrop Art Convention (actually a party!) It's happening down in L.A. as
I write this, and, knowing how these parties go, will probably be
'happening' into the wee-small hours of the night. For all those who are as
of yet unenlightened as to what exactly is happening in the world of
Extropic Art, I'll fill you in.

Extropic Art is a recently launched movement that endeavours in the
conveyance of extropian memes through art. This art can be anything from
painting to writing to computer imaging, acting, living (check out Automorph
Art...a subset) and, my specialty, poetry. What we, as Extropic Artists,
are intending to do is to bring the extropian ideas to the general populous.
As I've mentioned many times before, most people enjoy art of some sort.
When they happen upon a certain piece of art that they like, they'll tend to
question *why* the artist did the work or what a certain brushstroke etc.
was for. Once they have the question in their minds, they are open to
answers, thus inviting them to new ideas such as extropy.

So to those in the area of L.A. who are not already at the party, I
must ask *why not*? :-) With that said, I'll bow my head and send my
greetings and gratitude to all those at the party...I wish I could be there!


-E. Shaun Russell

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