Re: brutal prose, genius, gender issues and math

Jim Legg (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 16:39:14 +1300

QueeneMUSE: - Allow me to help.

I've put up a DOS freeware version of my AI development called the INGRID
THOUGHT PROCESSOR complete with Quickbasic source code, a tutorial and
examples. It literally allows you to 'see what you think' and with a bit of
practice it intuitively takes hold of your mental feedback systems. The
practice sessions can easily occupy hours at a time and are best done,
first off in creating maps of intrapersonal space, with someone acting as
an elicitor.

To get to what Lyle is asking you to imagine as consciousness will need the
real-time parallel version called Crystal Ball.

> : [PS Nadia, are you with us on this thread? Imagining grids of
> : and having them light up in various patterns and colors, is the
> : connection between art and mathematics. Mathematics, when you learn

> : to see it as it is, is like a laser show in a cathedral full of
> : mirrors.]
> snip <
> The thing you describe above almost makes me want to cry, it sounds so
> magnificence, but then there are those who say words shouldn't bring
> emotion....