Re: COMP/MISC: Upload subjective time, baby universes, quantum , Moore's law

Eliezer Yudkowsky (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:56:01 -0600

[Saith Anders Sandberg:]
> Be careful here... (1) essentially implies that there are no real natural
> laws, since any sufficiently clever system can circumvent them, suggesting
> that the ontology of the universe is open-ended. A very strong claim. And
> (2) will lead to the obligatory response "So? Build a FTL drive!" :-)

An FTL Drive? See

> >If two
> > million branches of reality try to write to the same byte, the result is
> > an "ugly mess", as the saying goes.
> But remember that they write to two million branches of memory too...

I'm talking read-out, not the interim computation. You'd think that
2^64 branches of reality would let you evolve 2^64 computations to find
the best one... but you can only 'read-out', say, a million of the
best... and if two million of the best try to write to the same
'read-out' memory, the result is an ugly mess when two million branches
of reality undergo state-vector reduction.

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