Re: Emotional AI (again)

Eliezer Yudkowsky (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:59:18 -0600

[Damien Broderick:]
> Just skimmed a rave review, by neuroscientist Keith Oatley in 6 Jan NEW
> SCIENTIST, of a new book by Joseph Le Doux called, maybe, THE EMOTIONAL
> MIND or THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN. Oatley adverts to Damasio's DESCARTES' ERROR
> (Damasio's Error being not to call it DESCARTES'S ERROR), which he (rightly)
> considers a pretty classy attack on the problem; but he likes Le Doux's book
> even better. It's all in the amygdala, doncha know. Well, a lot of it.

A common misconception. Descartes' Error is correct; so is Moses'
Bible. Chalmers's philosophy or Janet Morris's science fiction is
another matter. You see, *ancient* names *are* apostrophe-only. Modern
names are apostrophe-and-s.

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