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>>> This blatent advertising must stop.


>>But I thought this was a free market?




> No doubt! Sometimes we get so busy trying to *build* bridges to the future that we don't see that there may be some that are already there. I'd like to see exactly where the existing bridge goes, and if I wholly agree, I'll take that one as opposed to building a new one. <<

Greetings Shaun, Nadia!

Well I don't know if I know of an existing bridge, If I have found one and recognize it as a bridge I'll let you know...:). I'm not so arrogant to believe that my beliefs are for everyone, in fact I'm sure they aren't, and that is ok with me. I prefer diversity of everything, it is that fertile ground which creates the possibilities of evolvement. And life would be pretty dull, if not dead, without diversity! And since I believe in self-actualization, without diverse beliefs I wouldn't learn very much, would I? My personal path is one that I am happy with now, a huge mish mash of stuff, which will change as I go along, because there is always more to learn and collect. (I feel like a packrat when it comes to ideas). I thirst for knowledge, novelty, ecstatic experience.

>Joy has a right to her opinions, and we shouldn't try to slam a door in her face before she sees what's inside. <<

Thank you Shaun. I was a bit surprised at Michael's "welcome". I offered the URLs merely to elucidate a bit where I was coming from rather than exhaust the bandwidth with a description on email, in case anyone was interested. If they aren't interested they don't have to look at them. "If you don't like it you can't have any!" as a number of folks in my community say.

And considering I am trying to secure a living from the net, I don't see how letting people know what I do in a place of free exchange such as this would be objectionable. After all, everyone else here lists their websites! I've been to Natasha's and a few others, interesting folks here. Natasha your extropian art is wonderful! I wish I had some extra cash to buy one of your paintings. Maybe in the future.

In the spirit of free exchange....

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