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Joy Williams (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 01:15:05 -0800

Hi all.

So I've been reading and trying to "grok" things on this list. Seems to be=
a lot of incredibly intelligent and well evolved critters on this list, and=
I hope to gain a lot by being here, towards my own "self-actualization" as=
it were. And hopefully I will be able to contribute something of value as=
well, to others evolvement.

I just came from the extropy website, and have a much better understanding=
of what this all means. Actually it is very much in alignment with the=
Church I belong to. (Hummer watches various people faint and fall on the=
ground in disbelief from the word "Church" ;> )

Well it's the Church of All Worlds to be exact, drawn from SISL, so it's=
slightly different. ( Our concept of Divinity is=
immanent, so we don't *neccesarily* fall into the trap of dogma or=
mysticism, (in fact it is one of the things we strive to get away from,=
that and hypocricy), we are an experential Church, that happens to worship=
Gaia (and by worship I mean ecstatic embrace) as our Mother, and we are a=
part of Her and she is a part of the the overall's immanent.=

I find myself in about 85% agreement with extropianism, in about 15%=
disagreement. So from the definition of extropianism, I guess I fit into=
this meme. :) I can't understand the complete and utter rejection of=
such things as Shamanic or spiritual experience...I don't understand why=
technology and those experiences can't be integrated. Spirituality=
doesn't *have* to mean dogmatism, me spirituality is a personal=
experience with the ecstasy of life. I have deep experiences which connect=
me with that ecstatic embrace, I would hate to loose it all to the cold,=
technological world. Embracing a redwood, feeling tadpoles nibble at my=
toes, dancing, ritual, etc, all have value in that they take us out of the=
mundane and get us in touch with what it is I think you all seem to desire,=
and embrace with what is real, ecstatic, transhuman.

I'm not a luddite by any stretch....just so you don't misunderstand me...nor=
am I a hippie dippie white light nazi...I sell brain machines to accelerate=
consciousness ( --- under construction, a more=
developed site is, but still=
not perfect, email me with questions), I do web design because I feel this=
is a way to reach out to create connections through the world, I'm=
completely comitted to the ideals of better living through intelligent=
technology and being an environmentalist (used to work for the Envionmental=
Defense Fund), I feel that since technology got us into this mess,=
technology is the only way to get us out of this mess. I take the latest=
biotechnologically produced nutraceuticals which can only be created=
through the use of extend my life. I don't wish to be=
immortal (because I feel that death is a part of the circle of life), but I=
do wish to have an extended life to accomplish and experience as much as=
possible now. I do believe in reincarnation, if for no other reason=
(though there are many others) that I have active waking memories that=
spontaneously occured, unbidden. =20

I am at a bit of cusp with this list... not being mathematically inclined,=
some of the topics fly right over my head or beside me in both lanes=
(Hummer does a clueless moose imitation). I'm not intimidated, I am just=
not interested (nor am I ashamed for not knowing, I just have a much more=
creative/circular mind than a linear mind!). This list seems to epitomize=
my spirituality without embodying it. It's interesting for me to see that.=
I agree with most of the ideas of extropianism....completely, but I feel=
that the way to evolve is to connect with deity within ourselves and all=
around us...because I feel that Divinity is evolving just as we are. So=
therefore S/He is not something ruling it over us.

Maybe I'm pathetically naive....

but at least this resonates.

Anyway, hello all, and I hope to resonate better with you!

Her Erotic and Laughing Service!

Joy Williams

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