Re: women in the arts and sciences ( ws HUMOR: Anti-cryonics philosophy
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 17:41:05 -0500 (EST)

On the topic of women and achievement ( or genius) : for an interesting look
at women and men and why and how they attain their accomplishments, I suggest
renting the movie Camille Claudel, a sculptress who was certainly more
"gifted" - and certainly worked hard as Rodin (even coughed up some blood -
just to please LYLE) but became known only as his mistress, despite the fact
that he stole a lot of her ideas and techniques - he was a better business
man and better at running his life. And he had a wife to do his laundry and
make his house for him.
; )

(IMO the main difference between men and women and WORK is that women WILL
sacrifice their career or can, and men won't or can't - whos fault is that?
Let's try this discrepancy from an socio- economics standpoint if we want to
get to the bottom of it, maybe that will yield some statistics we can work

BTW, she ended up in an asylum (not at all extropic this movie, BTW for those
of you who want to stay positive at all times) and shunned by the art
critics, after he dumped her.

Her work lives on, brilliant as ever....

This is not to imply that it was Rodin who was responsible, nor men, but the
continued victim status that women choose to accept. IMHO.
They have a saying ... there are no victims, only volunteers( after the first
time anyway).