Re: Gender issues (was HUMOR: Anti-cryonics philosophy)
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 18:01:30 -0500 (EST)

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<< to re-kindle the not-quite- extinguished
embers of the genius threads. And suddenly, again we have a nice warm
bonfire, complete with 'politically correct' flames. So, I'll give $5.00 to
the genius who can tell me *why*. I'm serious. >>

Because, for one, the words politically correct, at first, were not a jab, a
joke or a poke at people who are trying to whine about their condition, or
get their way, but meant some one who had first done their homework and tried
to make an educated political decision. Which then became a kind of position,
and instead of being thinking, became unthinking.

Now, for certain individuals, calling someone PC has become a DODGE out of
any tricky corner that someone finds themselves in, without having to explain
or educate your listener as to why you have your theories. You can call them
PC and that should cover it.

Politically correct as Eli said NOW does apply to certain things, but does
not include searching for reasons or solutions to tricky problems [ the
battle of the sexes being a very tricky problem even more so since everyone
got so damned PC ] it certainly does not refer to Extropians casting about
for solutions, or for intellectual or radical attempts to threaten the status
quo or break tradition.

Be careful,. BEING PC used to brand you as unthinking... now it's using the
PC word as a DEFENSE that may brand you as unthinking.