Re: meta: Netiquette....

Michael Butler (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:19:28 PST

I don't always give names, because time is short and threads do the
job for me. Certainly I agree that it gets twisty at the >>> level.

I was unaware that anyone considered this attempt to conserve
bandwidth RUDE (caps not mine). I certainly go out of my way
in verbal conversation to credit others when I'm quoting or even

But when I'm engaged in a direct discussion with the party in question,
*must* I credit the source *every* time I put in >s?

Can you understand that I don't do this in my personal
correspondence, and that this is a _mail_ list, not a _news_ group?

My intent is not to claim correctness--I'm just presenting another
point of view (mine).

MMB, st but not for OCC