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E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 17:03:31 -0800 (PST)

On 16/01/97, Lee wrote:

>Obviously, to quote someone's words as your own is clearly deceptive and
>unfair; but to take a short excerpt from someone's posting in order to
>reply is a different matter altogether.

But the principles seem to cross over into the "Politeness In
Communication" thread. How hard is it to give attribution? How long does
it take? Maybe five or ten seconds. I don't see why people are concerned
as to how much of a sacrifice it is to give credit. It isn't a sacrifice,
though it may make the poster more content to see her or his comments
accredited. It's not hard to do tit for tat.

>Copyright does not apply. Such excerpts for comment are clearly
>fair use under US law.

I apologize. When I made the comparison to copyright, I made an
allusion to the thread from a few months ago in which I pressed that a
copyright is more solace to the rightee than anything. Yes, excerpts are
legal...but I still like to be creditted with comments I have made. It is
(in my opinion) mutual respect more than anything; it's not like I'm asking
you to give me a few of your teeth.

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