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>Rational minds cannot be offended. "Taking offense" is a symptom of
>an intellectual pathology that the value of ideas can be judged by
>emotional response instead of reason. To the extent one can express
>an idea in a listener's terms, and relate to him from his point of
>view, these are practical methods of communication; but one must never
>let such deference to your audience dilute the message itself.

Jeez, everyone's irrational sometimes. Besides being practical, reasonable
'deference to your audience' is POLITE.

Yes - and you will certainly do better in a debate if you take that into
Not only that, but a truly rational mind knows that we, ourselves, are
hardwired for emotion and that there may be occasion when emotion ( wanted or
unwanted0 may have it's input. To pretend one has "risen above" this, is IMO
denial, or it indicates emtion being sublimated. This often allows harmful
"slips" into unreasonable anger, passive aggressive behavior or whatever.
THis does notmean we fly into rages, or make rash emotional leaps..

This is why refined emotion, i.e.: enhanced reason - enhanced emotional
response ( a balance) can be a much better goal than a rational, non emotive
Emotions are valuable guides in decision making, and if carefuly examined can
help us to make subconscious evalutaions and correctly place our values.
For example:
If you anger me, it is usually not without reason. Reasonably there are
things which one cannot abide. If I recognize that, I can deal with you and
not let it pass by.... If I say " I have no feelings", I may ignore you or
not address it...IMHO Thick skin only hides a tender heart.

If a balance of thoughtfulness and detachment is sought, then you have to
allow for them, even if your know you cannot be ruled by tehm