Re[2]: Techno, ahem, Electronic Music

J de Lyser (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 20:13:15 +0100


>I wrote:-
>> It's true you have to have been there to understand the roots of the
>>music and the effects of it, and in most genres of house and techno, the
>>element remains, but techno is much more than just a 'soundtrack' to xtc or

Guru George wrote:

>But that's all I was saying, really. I was responding to what looked to
>me like a dissing of techno based on ignorance of those 'roots'. Nobody
>needs to take drugs for anything, but if you want to really understand
>techno, you have to have 'been there' at least once; then the 'gestalt' of
>the music is unlocked to you, and you can listen to it straight quite
>happily and still get it. Without that experience, a critique of techno
>is like somebody colour blind critiquing Van Gogh: they'll understand
>the form, light, and line, but not the colour.

Still many people who will go to such an event, will not 'get it' even when
they do, because of difference in taste. I agree with it that people
shouldn't judge a music they don't understand by the same standards they
judge music they do understand, but i'm not going to do the same by saying
that modern techno IS art. What i will say is that time will teach that
todays techno will be considered as much ART, as previous music styles,
which were condemded for not being art in their time. wrote:

>Now come on, george, that is such a total denial of other people's reality

No it isn't. It's his reality, it's my reality, and it's the reality of more
than half of the european youth today. Many elements of which will be
continued in mainstream culture for the next decades. Get used to it.

J. de Lyser
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