Re: POLL: Proto-Survey v.2

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:45:15 -0800 (PST)

> That having been said, I still think that a poll is a fine idea. How
> about this one:

Such a thing should be set up at the Exi web site, to measure the
interestes of those who visit, in order to better serve them. A
nice simple Java applet should do the trick (after, of course, the
rest of us comment on the details).

> Please rank these "ends" in order of desirability:
> A) Anything Box B) Singularity C) Libertarianism
> D) Galactic population E) Intelligence amplification F) Cyberspace
> G) Postbiological bodies H) Artificial intelligence I) Perfect ethics
> J) Immortality K) Uploading O) ______________

Political systems are just moral systems applied to societies, so "C"
is either a result of "I", or it is not a desired end. Given that, I'd
ranks these ends I(&C)EJGKF. The others don't matter to me at all.

> Please rank these "means" in order of importance:
> A) Nanotechnology B) Cognitive science C) Libertarianism
> D) Space travel E) Neuroscience F) 'Net society
> G) Cryonics H) Psychology/memetics I) Recruiting
> J) Medical science K) Computer science L) Social activism
> M) Space/Lunar colonies N) Neurosilicon interfaces O) Political actvsm.
> P) Calorie restriction Q) Algernon's Law (sigh..) R) Extp. Institute
> S) New physics T) Consciousness studies U) Philosophy

Some overlap here too, but I'll take a stab: UGAJKBENF