Re: Cooking for Calorie Restriction

Frank Harper (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 12:05:09 +0100

Thanks for sharing your system!

Now, can you share your mother in-law so that she does my cooking also :-) ?

I've been working on a system like yours but I started out from the recipes
in the 120 year diet. The big monkey wrench for me is that I eat lunch at
work, so it's a big hassle to get lunch under control.

At 21:16 5/01/97, Tim Freeman wrote:
>Calorie Restriction is the life extension technique with the most
>scientific support. In many experiments done by many different
>researchers, it has been shown to extend the average and maximum
>lifespan of a wide variety of animals.
>When doing calorie restriction, it is important to guard against
>malnutrition. A conservative approach to doing this is to eat a
>carefully chosen variety of ordinary food, since this is likely to
>also include sufficient amounts of as-yet-undiscovered nutrients.
>When people do this they generally find that they spend too much time
>cooking, so they have to stop.
>I have the cooking problem under control. For details, visit the URL
>For more information about calorie restriction, visit the FAQ at
> or
>If you are seeing this on the extropians list and you want to reply,
>be aware that I do not read the extropians list at the moment.
>Tim Freeman