Re[2]: Re[2]: Techno, ahem, Electronic music

Guru George (
Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:22:09 GMT

Eugene Leitl wrote:
>On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Guru George wrote:
>> without drugs too - jazz, 'classical'. Modern techno is music designed
>> for people on drugs in a specific environment, and you won't understand
>> it, or be able to appreciate it at home on your hifi or on the radio
>> unless you have gotten into it in those circumstances. That's the reality,
>> take it or leave it.)
>Notice that the usual MDMA/amphetamine mix you can buy is usually debased
>by all kinds of synthetical impurities/stretching stuff like strychnine &
>Co. I think I also heard MDMA was neurotoxic, especially to substantia
>nigra? I also seem to recall a horror story on a overheated designer drug
>batch, which caused victims to (irreversibly) lock rigid in course of a
>single day, <shudder>. Before you ask, that was not an urban legend.
>While I am pretty laissez faire towards (nonopiate & analoga) drugs, you
>should really know that you are taking grave risks, especially if you
>accept substances, produced in an uncontrolled environment (zero
>quality control, and all kinds of ad hoc improvisation). If you're aware
>of that, it's o.k., but few young techno kids really are.
I would say, from my experience, that most European clubbers avoid
buying off the street whenever possible, and usually have personal,
trusted sources. There was a dip in quality in Europe for most of the
early-mid 90s, but recently things have been looking up. (I have
recently seen pills that were*very* professionally made, and *very* pukka.
Relaxing of border controls, in Europe, you know.)

The techno dance scene being a bit newer in the States (as a Big Thing),
folk wisdom hasn't yet developed the right defensive memes, and young
'uns do run a risk buying off the streets, I agree. That is one of the
many reasons why I am a libertarian.

Guru George