Re: Re[2]: Techno, ahem, Electronic music

Max M (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 22:42:44 +0100

> From: Guru George

> Max, Max, you sound like a luddite, or the contemporary equivalent of one
> of those guitar bores who used to object to synthesized music! Have you
> been out clubbing lately with your mates?

I have been playing techno since '82 thank you. I just find it
unimaginative to use synths & samplers for nothing but dance. I club once
in a while yes.

> Have you taken any E or acid
> at a club lately?


> You can have no idea what's going on with techno
> nowadays unless you do.

Must learn to live with that then. But you are a typical example of the
"clubber" limiting the techno-scene to dance. The above statement shows
just that.

> DJ's are a very important part of this process, and their
> job is not easy. The competition in techno music is FEROCIOUS.

DJ's have only a very limited taste in music. To much of what is being
called a genre in techno these days shouldn't have been more than an album.
Most DJ's has no artistic taste whatsoever.

> As Vonnegut said, 90% of everything is crap, and there is indeed a lot
> of crap techno around.

yep, but make that 99% of techno.

I still love techo though, and it's what i listen to the most but i don't
mind if it has lyrics with a meaning, has a message, pushes the edge
somewhat and challenge me as a listener.

MAX M Rasmussen, Denmark
New Media Director



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