EDUCATION: Genius Schools

David Musick (
Fri, 3 Jan 97 06:34:10 UT

I wrote a brief description of the type of schools I want to get involved in
creating, and Michael Lorrey asked, "Where do I sign up?" I wish I could tell
you, Mike, but I haven't got everyone together yet to do it. This will take
some time. I need to find people who want to do this and we need to get
together and actually do it. I will begin attending the Reed College (in
Portland, Oregon) this fall, and I am sure I will discuss my ideas for this
project with many of my fellow students and probably find many who want to
work with me on this. I am also planning on writing a few books and some
stuff for the Web describing what I'm wanting to do. Hopefully, this will
inspire others to do similar things, and hopefully I will get many contacts
from people who are eager to work with me on this.

Most likely, the school will start out small, perhaps a few of us, doing
workshops on various things, teaching people different skills. Perhaps some
Creativity Workshops, to teach people how to loosen up and learn how to play
with things and create things with various materials and find novel solutions
to problems. Perhaps some Problem Solving Workshops where people are taught
general strategies for solving problems of all different types and where they
are given all sorts of problems to solve during the workshop, from engineering
problems to logic and math problems, to artistic problems, to philisophical
problems, etc. As the various workshops and classes become more popular, the
school will grow, as new faculty and students join.

There's a lot of details I'm leaving out here -- those will have to wait for
my book, but the schools I'm thinking of will be considerably different than
the typical school. They'll be much more focused on mind training and
personal development than most schools are. The emphasis will be on learning
as much as possible and developing a very wide range of knowledge and skills.
There will be a great emphasis on developing great artistic, technological and
scientific skill. I intend for the schools to be places of great scientific
discovery, technological innovation and cultural expression; a very
Renaissance type of school.

- David Musick

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