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Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:44:39 MST

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Me? if so sorry, wasn't aware, using AOL ! arghhhhhh

> RE: Paintball regs in britain:
> I assume that the projectile must also contain paint. Fine, a .17 cal
> projectile of lead paint baked to an aerodynamic solid form, propelled
> by CO2 or other compressed gas (perhaps boosted by an electrical heating
> element heating the gas further).

       As far as I am aware there are No legislations regarding the
projectile construction, only the mass.

> A local gun dealer who is a friend sells these fully auto electrically
> powered pellet guns made in Japan which are identical in size, weight,
> and appearance, to fully automatic firearms. Wonder what regs would
> apply to these in britain.

       If you are refering to the "soft air" type of guns as they are refered
to in the UK. These being fully automatic electro/air powered guns that fire
rounds around 6mm in caliber at low velocity, Then yes we have them here.
They are also considered toys. I do own a couple of these guns for general
"Mucking around" type activities. Interestingly when I purchased them , I had
to sign a register stating the model, My name, DOB, address etc. I believe
this is for police records to avoid accidental lethal force being used
against owners of such harmless "toys" that look and feel totally authentic.

I believe these guns are regulated with a different law that states they can
only have a maximum power of X joules. I belive the regitration is purely due
to the lifelike appearance of the guns.
       This has caused me amusement due to the fact that. UK citizens can
purchase Blank firing guns without license/registration/identification and
carry them in a public place.


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