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From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:46:17 MST

"Dickey, Michael F" wrote:
> Mike Lorrey says:
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> "WHich is all rather BS. I'll buy that Starfleet operates
> communistically, much as many military organizations do today to a
> limited extent..."
> -----------------------------
> If you check out the site, he addresses things like the Abolition of
> property rights, State seizure of transportation services, State seizure of
> communication services, Elimination of religion and traditional families,
> State seizure of industry, Citizens are forced to work. Just some examples:
> No wealth: Counsellor Troi and Captain Picard have both boasted about how
> the accumulation of wealth is no longer an incentive. What they don't
> explain is why.

Speaking of Troi, I will refer, for a coup de grace, to the Voyager
episode featuring Troi and Mr. Barkley, where a tranmission of a
hologram of Barkley is intercepted by Ferengi, modified into a Ferengi
agent, then sent on to Voyager in order to bring Seven of Nine through a
geodesic gate to Federation space, where the Ferengi plan to harvest
Seven's nanoprobes to "sell throughout the federation" as a form of
medical and anti-aging treatment. The real Barkley has been seduced by a
human female, ON EARTH, in the employ of the Ferengi as a Dabo girl, who
they have offered a 10% cut for her work in ferreting out key
information from the shy Barkley.

Sounds to me like the engines of free commerce and private enterprise
are well lubed in the Federation of the TNG era (note that Voyager is
contemporary with the Enterprise of Picard, Troi and Will Riker are
still crew on Enterprise with Picard at the time of this episode.)

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