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> > Anyone know what kind of legislation governs the private production of
> > directed energy weapons, hipower lasers, or directed emp weapons?
> > On a related note, does the legislation on automatic and explosive
> firearms
> > cover privately developed, prototype, or handbuilt non-commercial weapons?

This is something I have wondered myself. Living in the UK we are subject to
much tighter gun control laws. However I resently had indepth corespondence
with my local Constablary, which is equivelent to a centralised state police
centre (not sure if such a thing exists in the US). I was enquiring about the
laws regarding production of Paintball guns.
       To those of you who have never played paintball, the guns used can
hold in excess of 140 rounds and fire them at a rate of 20 rounds per second
!. And be reloaded in less than 1 second.
       In the UK a paintball gun is only subject to 2 regulations.
1. It must be semi automatic e.g fire ONE shot per trigger pull
2. Must not exceed the 12 FT/lb law e.g the energy of the projective must not
exceed 12ft/lbs

But as the licencing officer told me "Paintball guns are considered TOYS" and
as such they needed no license to own and therefor, no license to manufacture.

       This lead me to wonder. As the 12 ft//lb law is subject to a simple
mathmatical eqution (weight * mass=energy). It stands to reason that a weapon
that delivers a projectile of extremely low mass at extremely high velocity
could easily come within this restriction and be an unlicensed or
unlicensable weapon. Dispite being cabable of killing/maiming, causing
extreame bodily harm.

This is just a reference to the inadequate laws regarding Gun control in the
UK. Obviously the UK's laws are far more extreme than in the U.S.
       But in answer to your question regarding Laser and E.M.P weapons. As
far as the UK is concerned, I have not found a single peice of legislation
that would stop you building such a weapon, even if it were of sufficient
size to cause considerable damage or death.
       The UK laws genarally seem to be "If something bad happens, we will do
something about it" if not, then do what you want as long as it doesn't cause
me paperwork !.
       After all, the guy who invented, developed and tried to build the
Super Gun was British. Im sure tha under UK law he could have built it in his
back yard and got away with it. That may sound ridiculous, but under UK law
it is perfectly legal to own, Use and drive an operational "TANK" in ANY part
of the British isles without a license, But you must have a license to own a
       Go figure !.


p.s ok so you dont need a dog license any more since 1985. But you still DONT

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