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Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 17:26:00 MST

2002.02.26 10:43:06, Andrew Clough <> wrote:

>Oh, one RTS that had at least a lot of high technology was Total
>Annihilation. The back story is about this war between the CORE and ARM
>which has been going on for A Long Time Now and has consumed most of the
>galaxy's resources. Originally, the CORE ruled the galaxy, but when
>uploading became feasible, they insisted that everybody be uploaded for
>their own good. Some people didn't like this, and rebelled, forming the
>ARM (I don't know if the names stand for anything). Since they don't have

The impression I got from the beginning of the ARM campaign was that CORE
is located at the galactic core and is a central authority, whereas ARM is
out in the frontier of a lot of expansion from the core and is towards the
outside of one of the galaxy's arms. but i could be wrong.

>uploaded soldiers the ARM uses clones with Neural interfaces in all their
>vehicles. Both sides use hard nanotechnology to build units and
>harvest resources, etc. though the nanites don't reproduce in the
>environment. The two resources you can get are energy and metal, and yes,
>you can turn energy into metal if you really need too or have some extra
>fusion generators lying around.

Huh, I didn't know the tech in it was so interesting. I thought it was just
a really great game :)

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