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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 22:09:06 MST

2002.02.25 21:12:01, Richard Steven Hack <> wrote:

>Wilson tends to write like the Situationists and other so-called
>"postmodern intellectuals" - plus I think he enjoys the intellectual
>somersaults for the fun of it... Some of the concepts won't make any
>to you unless you have a background in postmodern (preferably French)
>social critiques. I don't, so I just plow through it as best I can. I do
>have some Situationist background so I understand the complaints about
>"mediation", but some of the stuff - and therefore the point being made -
>still eludes me. I'll read the whole thing at some point. What interests
>me is that he had clearly had some contact with Extropian/Transhumanist
>thought and perhaps with some Extropians/Ttranshumanists as well - which
>not too surprising since he is probably well known to people like Bruce
>Sterling. Wilson, BTW, considers himself a radical Muslim of the
>Ishmaelite branch - the most well-known examples being the Assassins, on
>which he has written a book or two about their "spiritual
>anarchism". Interesting stuff.

Not to mention that he also has quite a lot of background in some sort of
magick or another (not sure exactly what, though. Probably ceremonial a la
Crowley, given what I've heard of him on the subject). That's actually
where I first found him. If anyone's heard the Coil song "The Golden
Section", the vocals are done by Bey.

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