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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 21:12:50 MST

2002.02.25 19:45:41, "Dave Sill" <> wrote:

>eschaton? What's that?

Um. Hard to explain. Sort of like the end of the world, but not at all. More of drastic change in everything.
The Singularity could probably be considered an eschaton. The term was originally Gnostic? Catholic? One o' dem
old religions, anyway.

>techné? Huh?

I'd say it's probably a safe wager to assume that's pretentious-speak for "technology".

>Is it just me, or is this guy writing to impress people with his
>vocabulary and expressing his ideas as obliquely as possible to seem

I havn't read this paper yet (just TAZ and I think a few random short things), but from what I know of Bey I
can't imagine him trying to be "intellectual".
Bey is an extremely odd character, he is. I wish I remembered more on his background and especially his
spirituality (which makes him much easier to understand, I do believe).

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