Re: SOFTWARE: Do you play computer games?

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 21:19:18 MST

sineo wrote:

> Do you play computer games?
> If you do please tell me what kind of,
> what's yor favorite title, and do you
> know any computer game with large
> +ACI-extropian/transhuman thought+ACI-content.

Many of the games I play are merely on the computer, but not true
"computer games". Play via email, and all that. (Like this one, done
as a mockery of Joy's doomsday pronouncements, where each player played
cards tagged with certain amounts of bio, nano, or robo points. Most
cards also required a certain minimum number of each type of point on
the board, representing general knowledge needed before the technology
or event on the card could come to pass, before they could be played.
Play too many points of one type without balance from the others, and
the appropriate cataclysm - Eco-collapse, Grey Goo, or Skynet Takes Over
- invoked, causing everyone to lose. "Singularity" happened at some
predefined point level; the object was to get the "last word" in by
playing the card that triggered it. But I digress...)

Outpost has been mentioned; Homeworld, also by Sierra, also has some of
this content (for instance, your main advisor is a recent upload). Then
again, most sci-fi games have at least a little bit.

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