Re: Libertarian States (was Re: Overpopulation)

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 12:22:04 MST

> (James Rogers <>):
> While I see it said many times that Alaska is a libertarian State, I have my
> doubts. In my experience, Alaska is a fairly socialist State (in the same
> way New Mexico is), but is in a unique position where the citizens of the
> State are not really paying the costs of socialism.
> Nevada has finally gotten around to reforming the only really
> non-libertarian stance they had, which was their strict drug laws. In
> addition to passing a medical marijuana ballot prop, the state legislature
> passed a measure that turns possession offenses for some drugs (e.g.
> marijuana) into a $400 citation. The "speeding ticket" model is arguably a
> much saner implementation, since most drug possession laws are nominally
> Health And Public Safety laws much like speeding tickets and not true
> crimes.

Nevada still has a few regulatory headaches: as has been pointed out
by many humorists, you can ride your motorcycle from the casino to
the whorehouse with a gun on your hip and a bottle of whiskey in your
saddlebags, but you'd better be wearing a helmet, and have up-to-date
registration and proof of insurance, and obey the speed limits...

--Lee (who can now return to Nevada without using an alias because
the proof-of-insurance thing has a statute of limitations :-)

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