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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 09:31:54 MST

Planescape: Torment was a thoughtful musing on the eternal return and other issues of finite immortality, philosophy and general oddballness. As well as being, along with things like Fallout/Fallout2, way ahead of the rest of the crpg pack in terms of open-ended play. Needless to say it did terribly in the US.

I have no mouth but I must scream was made/interpreted into a game...


Bunch of other more intellectual and eclectic abandonware titles to be found at the underdogs too.


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+AD4- Do you play computer games?
+AD4- If you do please tell me what kind of,
+AD4- what's yor favorite title, and do you
+AD4- know any computer game with large
+AD4- +ACI-extropian/transhuman thought+ACI-content.
+AD4- Personnally I can think up only one title - +ACI-Alpha Centauri+ACI-
+AD4- but this should be known to you because
+AD4- it's quite an old game so it doesn't need any extra
+AD4- comments (I believe).
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