Re: SOFTWARE: Do you play computer games?

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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 16:20:09 MST

2002.02.25 07:36:33, "sineo" <> wrote:

>Do you play computer games?


>If you do please tell me what kind of,
>what's yor favorite title, and do you
>know any computer game with large
>+ACI-extropian/transhuman thought+ACI-content.
>Personnally I can think up only one title - +ACI-Alpha Centauri+ACI-
>but this should be known to you because
>it's quite an old game so it doesn't need any extra
>comments (I believe).

Mostly I play FPS and RPG. Alpha Centauri is the only really extropian/transhumanist game I can think of,
though Civ and Civ 2 (and I suppose Civ 3, but I think it's crap) are too, to a lesser extent, in that one of
the ways to beat them is to launch a ship to Alpha Centauri (and thus, the game of the same name).
My favorite games are probably Quake 3 and the Final Fantasy series.

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