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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 03:24:19 MST

2002.02.24 15:40:06, "Reason" <> wrote:

>> See my reply to Reason on Hakim Bey's (Peter Lamborn Wilson) "T.A.Z."
>> (Temporary Autonomous Zones) - a similar concept. I wonder if Wilson has
>> considered MMORPGs.
>URLs? Google uncharacteristically gives me a bunch of junk commentaries
>rather than original sources.

TAZ can be found at
I don't know how complete it is, I don't have the bandwidth to go through and check the links to every chapter,
but the node was created May 28, 2000, so it will either be complete or it will never be completed.
I'm surprised I've never heard mention of E2 here - I use it for reference more than Google. If AI
spontaneously emerging from a network is possible, I would not be surprised if E2 is the network that will do

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