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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 02:46:24 MST

2002.02.24 12:25:48, Michael Wiik <> wrote:

>There's room for a lot of innovations here. One might have an alternate
>U.S. where Gore is president, for example. The system may be more

Do you mean a virtual nation where we elect Gore president?

>alien bloodsucking predators, which might be like living at home with
>your parents ;-)

Ha! I like that analogy. Though it's actually rather nice and cushy, moving out will probably suck :/

>As for exports, how about AI's? Imagine an FPS where the computer
>opponents learn continuously during the course of the game. When you
>start the game initially, the bad guy just stands there and shoots at
>you, without any tactics or evasions. With some basic concepts
>programmed in (e.g. walls are opaque and bulletproof). But if the
>program could learn over time how to be a challenging opponent, the
>resulting code might be marketable to game companies.

I actually remember seeing something (on Slashdot?) about someone doing just that. I would love to play that
game, anyway, export or not. And it would also have the advantage of keeping my skills from stagnating as
well. (On that note, I wish my computer did not seem to hate any sort of multiplayer gaming so much. *sigh*)

>In any case one can always spend years practicing Quake and then compete
>in tournaments...

Yeah, but I don't know that I'm that l33t :)
As much as I'd love to get payed to play Quake....

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