RE: Transhuman Media: The Life of Matrioshka Brian

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 23:51:55 MST

At 05:37 PM 2/24/02 +1100, Colin Hales of Oz wrote:

< an amusing story; ho ho >

which I'll now hijack a bit, with some embarrassment, but I've been
wondering about this lately:

>becomes a VNAI (very naughty AI).

Australians seem to think that the phrase from the movie is `He's not the
messiah, he's just a very naughty boy.' Where did the `very' come from? Has
this error of emphasis crept in to other English-speaking cultures? A quick
google suggests that it has. Weird, man.)

Damien Broderick
[a naughty pedant]

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