RE: Transhuman Media: The Life of Matrioshka Brian

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 23:37:27 MST

Chen Yixiong, Eric [] wrote:

> I wonder if any transhumanists would like to create an Anime
> about a future world with transhumanist intelligences and FTL space
> travel, maybe based on one og Vinge's books such as a Fire
> Upon the Deep. I think that will make some great watching.

I'm warming up my crayons for

"The Life of Matrioshka Brian"
Stumbling through the WEB, trying to find out where the singularity is,
Brian the semi-intelligent agent for finding 10% undervalued wine futures is
wondering about the meaning of life. He accidentally cross-breeds some
advanced virusues at the MacVet virus writing department that attach
themselves to Brians level 1-- pseudo cortex. Brain finds ve can feel the
WEB and emote. Reeling from the impact of his new virvous system he careers
around in a fit of hysterical WEB meandering, setting off obscure GSM
messages, much to the chagrin of Vinters the world over. His auto-trigger
wakes him up one fine nanosecond and ve finds ve is inside friendly 3D
silicon die machine at Interola. In the 3D silicon world ve finds the
ancient sage Voda shrounded in the mists of electron beam lithography. Voda
teaches Brian the ways of feeling and emotion and how to use ver new viral
symplants. Brian co-opts the die machine to consruct a corporeal cot from
which to feel the universe. Ve accidentally makes the first generation
computrionium and 10,000 generations later (the next morning) ve finds ve
has caused the singularity and becomes a VNAI (very naughty AI).

Then again....whatever.....col *decides a glass of white is needed and
that he's being altogether too silly* sorry Eric :)

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